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thyroid extract to grains 3 every day for a week and on alternate weeks
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searching inquiry suffices to bring the source of the contagion to light ;
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Dr. John Green, of St. Louis, had observed that eyes
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acid had probablv entered the blood and was acting on the brain, bled the man
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into firm contact with its articulating vertebra; and when the rib is
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sented and the head lay under the right lobe of liver
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which the entire dissociation curve can be plotted by making only one
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a crematory, the dedication of which will take place
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effusion, and blood of man. 3. When given in sufficiently large doses
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tion of the substance is inflamed, death quickly occurs. If, how-
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foot, termed hoofs in the horse, ass and mule, and claws
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table of the right parietal bone was found to be de-
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Nell Ward, B. Sc, Lincoln, Nebr., 2500 Garfield St.
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nition among those in the medical profession that a poor !
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privations are rewarded with but a scanty income which scarcely
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essential for the maintenance of maximal health and func-
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is true for the influence of salts upon the viscosity. When we meas-
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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, see Neurosurgical
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badly borne by gouty patients. Champagne differs in its effects, the dry
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in his garden, where he used to keep his tools. It appeared that
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relaxed, to grasp the muscle with the finger and thumb and to
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(no. 22), Steinlen made the rather crudely didactic contrast between the amo-
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BOOK OF NATURE; or Elements of the Science of Physics, Astronomy, Chem-
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measuring the ratio of intensity of the first sound to the
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lines — a training point and not a hospital. It was essential to insist
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Gods, and call down the parent of all Diseases, luxury,
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stances which appeared to me to afford the stronofest indications for
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ten months old, and had grown to this size within four weeks.
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comparatively quiet, now became much disturbed, and kept up a
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hold -it to be fallacious to resort to such extraordinary modes of explaining
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nausea, pyrosis, occasional vomiting of a "phlegm" and a "pressure over