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in the nutrition of the living cell, the nutrient mat-
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Voelckers' experience that Gull and Sutton's conception of the
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could be felt above the pubes. In the sac of Douglas
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American Medicine, Dr. Rush : — " Permit me to reeom-
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not quite smooth, and it was well defined. It was movable, though
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there was a large clot in the longitudinal sinus ; the
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the opening, if taken from the circumference, would diminish the
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whole graft will slough away. There appears to be less tendency
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experiment. This gentleman says that in several experiments on
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Committee on Fifth Year. The supervisor should, if possible, have a personal
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(1905 a). — Microsporidies parasites des crabes d' Arcachon <Bull. station biol.
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interference. I believe there are certain cases with fatty
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and sinapisms were placed on the extremities ; but in a few hours
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pilocarpine is worth a trial on the basis of aiding the
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fer to all other uisBSthetics in almost all cases; the exceptions and the
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We feel tempted to go on noting many topics of interest in this paper,
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growth here, a new sulcus, the superior parietal may arise, and
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properties carried about by one original matter. Their chief qualities
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the abdomen, where it had been attached by the sutures at the
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When the belladonna proves insufficient, its operation may be
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est difficulty she went under the control of the operator, and pins,
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Very infrequent in the parts of the state collected
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ance, there is no reason to doubt its reality : —
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confine my remarks to the most neglected one — not
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taneously narrowed. In vomiting, crying, sobbing, sneezing, &c.,