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culitis. Recent investigations with animals suggest that

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fellowship in the College, and Dr. Allen G. Janecky,

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which influence tlie relative amounts of the two pro-

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lation of the retina. When further examined, a regular gray

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and quick pulse." But Trotter appreciates the tar's many good

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March the sight became altogether extinct. She had been an

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tem, and the chemical force which causes disorganization;

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jority of cases there is plenty of pepsin in the gastric

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assimilation limit has been considered an important aid in the diagnosis

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mittee on Nominations here concluded their report, as follows:

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as such contractures take time for their production, the

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ger of the trained nurse's knowing too much, and the

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Dr. LeBoy was one of those cheerful, frank, high-toned

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again, they are sometimes men who foUow at the time

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r Union Midicale)^ M. Brown-S^quard recalled the fact that in 1850

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two accidents, one being the formation of a spicula

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a complete eradication of the disease results ; otherwise, our present

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dition seem still more anxious, when the question of

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production of three patients, and supplements Paper 17 of this series

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tion sooner or later. The existence of an inactive cavity,

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Judge Par? ons would never have another opportunity to

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"pus is formed from the serous part of the blood by

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of secondary hsemorrhage from the site of the ligature in aneurisms.

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of the fourth lumbar vertebra downwards over the promontory

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permeated with interstitial overgrowth. In some cases the interstitial

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