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termination of the arteries and the commencement of the 'veins. The
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title? John Smith published a book about such a date
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characteristic of cardiac amyloidosis. LV = Left ventricle; RV =
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nutrition of the tissues. The most marked alterations which the food
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Our knowledge appears to be limited to the fact that when the
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sonal conversation with the inventor of this new pro-
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of the valve, it entirely obliterated the perforation. The auricular
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fresh coco-nut water is held in high esteem as an antidote in Malay poisoning. The poisons
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Pediatrics and Medical Director of Children’s Hospital, Newark,
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the right lung, filled with foul, greenish-yellow fluid.
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times a day, by means of the female catheter, which was kept in"the
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as follows : Duodeni fc? jejuni fuperficiem incruftabat
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Prof. B. Fordyce Barker, of N. Y., was eleeted Chairman,
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others. Also, when they are prepared in the cold they change more rapidly
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