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stomach- 10, 10, liver; 11, gall-bladder ; 12, the duct
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he had rendered ursemic, either by extirpation of the kidneys
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Another feature of his insanity was the increased activity of his
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a-day subcutaneous heparin dosage below that needed to
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Hospital. M.B.B.S. 1978, All India Institute of Medical
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M.D., and Robert W. Lovett, M.D. Illustrated with 789 Wood
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Gondring, W. : Prevention of the juvenile and adolescent athletic injury.
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and a half. Thus every outbreak has been disconnected from the
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the summer of 1829 and 1830, is attributed to the marsh mud thrown up
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of the disease-spirits. The philosopher is reported as teaching
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IN Belfast, Cork, Londonderry, Levierick, and Waterford.
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escape freely, the temperature can not rise above that of boiling
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It is important that nurses should know something of the most
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cause of great tenderness in that region however skilfully
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universally attributed to that part of the animal frame.
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Case VI- — A young mongrel black-and-tan bitch. Four and
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struction, if the septa are complete. It will be recollected that
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if it is seen that the septum falls readily in the median line, we
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slight. Exaggerated sensitiveness to touch is called hyperesthesia
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that the methods of operating for cataract are very numerous
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and especi illy the brain being moist, and the head pressed
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as a dark cherry-red spot in the centre of this patch. Once established,
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ture. The external plate is thin and tough ; the internal
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tubes, and an occasional blood globule. The cough kept up
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nues, there is no evidence of any change having taken place in it, and
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Veterinary Department wrote me : " /, like you, am absolutely opposed to any subscription
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precise number of foot-pounds of work per second of which the heart
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which it appears that a controversy is now taking place
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there is a double hitch in the respiration. It was apparently
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evils necessarily caused by our reluctant, though limb- sac-