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Hogs, when killed, are first placed in the dry room, and after remaining there
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(II) " Surgical and Obstetrical Operations^ for Veterinaiy
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Despite improved physical function and self-care observed in the hospital,
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And if Arsenic, Alum, and common salt, act solely by urcet-
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Laminectomy for fracture or dislocation should be made
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painful by reason of the ulcerated condition of the structures forming
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and in Figure 2. Followup for all cases is through March,
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far more to blame for prolonged ulceration than any inherent defect in
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vicious, and in all respects like the ordinary stallion, except the testicles
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siders it the best and least dangerous anaesthetic for labor, and has never seen
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hospitals at Brussels. It committed severe ravages among the
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lung — squamous cell carcinoma and small-cell anaplastic
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tonsillar abscess) or in the course of exanthematous fevers,
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gains its force, and renal excretion is re-established.