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PosoLOGicAL Tables ; Appendix on Poisons ; Index op Diseases and Medicines
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ported. Among local remedies, carbolic acid, used as a lotion, in the proportion
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Abstract of the autopsy, by Dr. W. F>. Robertson -:
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skin dry, rough, and pale ; hands and feet usually cold, are some-
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they arc quite blue. The stools arc, I think, oftcner foetid hen'
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Table B gives in detail the percentages of the various forms of
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ment of the departments, a Sanitary Bureau be associated with
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For myself, it is true, I cannot say positively that I ever saw
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tions to cease, I would effectually prevent, not only the desiccation of the
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digested food or mucus, and having very little odor.
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torrhoea. By J. L. Milton, Senior Surgeon to St. John's Hos-
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found a great convenience in sending out reprints and exchanges. If you do not
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When eye findings worsen, it usually occurs within two
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turbance of respiration through the pain caused by contraction
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unconsciously, 'I am this morning an object for your sympathy. I
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"In the first instance," he says in another place, "out of door