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the County Board of Health to elect a Superintendent ? Less than a majority of the County

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2 Experiineiite uud SluJien iiber Geliirudruck. Heidelberg, 1871.

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and in some geographic areas. However, the overall need for persons holding the MD degree is

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Leaser's patient was able to walkabout freely with-

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fatal in their character. As has been remarked, when extensive,

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Br o sera.— Whooping-cough, paroxysmal, with hemorrhage from the

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erties besides those ascribed to it by physicists and

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opening of the lingual veins as an excellent remedy

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as the temperature in diphtheria, except in rare instances, is not specially

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lining. The anatomical forms under which thej chieflj occur are

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nucleotides into monomicleotides. The two pyrimidine nucleotides split

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von Esmarch replied, and the Princess was presented

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" regularly irregular " organ. The irregularity has no regularity about it.

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fectious diseases. The pathology of these cases is carefully described

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Honorary Director of the Department of Medical Arts

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do not make the most of it in the act of propagation. People claim-

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history taking, cutaneous tests, and clinical trials

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workers and there are only six non-professionals. This is not

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it should be denuded of its periosteum, which is loosely attached and

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and 0.399 per cent., and the average entire loss on each day of observation was

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number of cases, it certainly did increase their force, but had but little influ-

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just how one neutralizes the other is difficult to determine. Experiment has

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2 Dislocations and Joint Fractures. Frederick J. Cotton, M.D., 1910.