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left rectus. This incision was made with the expectation

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surface, which was hot and sensative to the touch. After this, the flaw-

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distance from the point of original generation, or lodgment, still that,

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biochemists will give us some way in which they may be obviated, the

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ment should be invoked. These were the points to which

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high and even low notes, as well as its dulling the hearing generally.

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class of conscientious and patient workers was gradually growing

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order of precedency, which might otherwise be subject to troublesome interruptions

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From the standpoint of the human infection, this group of at\'pi-

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tration of strength was absolute : the voice was very feeble and

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low, according to my observation, for any age above 10 or 12 years,

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R. and Robert W. ; two daughters, Virginia Louise and

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away of the sound, the sight, and the feeling of the bell. Similar short-cut

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to a posterity physically degenerate. The blue disease describ-

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deal of all three classes of cases. The attempt to thus specialize hos-

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to be used subcutaneously is thirty to forty milligrammes. The solu-

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assistance this part of the work has been set aside in these investigations, and the

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6. Studies are in progress at this time on the degree of toxicity and

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When we consider the question of unsoundness of mind in its relation to re-

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ternal coat. The external coat is simplv a serous membrane and

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upon Uterine Phlebitis. — Symptoms of Phlegmasia: Pain, CEdema. — ;

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deeper to the superficial vessels causing flushing of the skin. Flush-

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