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No matter what the severity of the sprain may bct its treatment should be commenced by
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infections the earh' irrigation with ether in full strength or diluted
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In the large chronic ulcers, with a thickened brawny condition of the leg,
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M. Yvon recommends the lactate of quinia for use in the
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ton is honored by their presence, and in return will fully
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the vein of a man in the house of a physician there
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bite " of any kind connected with it. In this association it is interesting
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for building a fever hospital, and the newspapers and
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The aromatic sulphuric acid not only supplies an acid, but
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sion of a purulent fluid. Even in tubercular peritonitis,
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other was uniformly below or above the other. In both cases the lactic acid
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bowela, jirodnolng tbe uaoal concomluiota, Flatoleney, Hcarlburo, Coa-
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1893 e.— Idem <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. u. Parasitenk., Jena, v. 14 (4-5), 1.
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Hopking, F. E. Some overlooked causes of cough, 109.
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otocny as contraindicated in all cases of obstruction of the
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bacteriologist, who found them full of tubercle ba-
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leading,* u.sed these; words: "Where a 'i)erHon
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glad to let them smile at what they would graciously term
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with internal remedies. Glycerine may be employed in place of stramonium
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they were intended to guard against — secondary haemorrhage. At
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entrance into which is deaHy demonstrated by the freedom of its move-
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with the numbness, and no other cause exists, if you cure
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final result was that he walked perfectly well, without
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quence of an evident septicaemia ingrafted upon those organs
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investigators held to the idea that the cholera vibrio acted as a purely infec-
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tenth, 1887; they found the period of incubation to be from twenty- four