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the muscles of the fish, and a rapid succession of involuntary electric discharges.
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proper care be taken. Repeated tapping may set up some degree of
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This is a very powerful antiseptic. A watery solution of 1 to
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In acute congestive glaucoma the first thing to be done is to
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hematological conditions. All these are in the line of
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mcdiatelv surrounding the vessels at the fractured ends, are soon absorbed
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of the frontal lobes ; the sight memories of the occipital
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petrous portion of the right temporal bone, I ingenious skill which had been devoted to
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been mistaken for syphilis, but there was seldom much
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as to this man's illness; — He had contracted primary syphilis about
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severe conjunctivitis, and even retinitis may occur as the
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clergymen of various religious denominations to visit the
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false anchylosis ; the bone was everywhere thickened and indurated,
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he considered to be perfect health. Yet I found that his urine con-
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regurgitation ; mitral valve normal. The left ventricle contained a large
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is essentially a parasite, and syphilis does not ex-
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rosily, corresponding to the upper and inner angle of the scapu-
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child. It had the advantage, like Dr. Hamilton's plan, of not rupturing the
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THIS book contains the lectures which Dr. Stewart Wolf delivered
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in the least modifying the progress of the disease ; latterly 1 have pur-
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Mr. SOMERVILLE HASTINGS : I have treated a large number of cases of
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early years. There were a few fatal cases each year, most of them occurring
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civilizations, such as the Chinese, and later the Greeks,