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gland results in m'yxcedema or a cretinoid state, tetany, or cachexia;

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of subcutaneous edema. On admission his urine contained a

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of this method of therapy presupposes, at least, a fair degree of

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D u is the optical density of the unknown, D g the den-

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nic for the examination of blood is given in chapters 2 and 6.

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From a clinical and practical standpoint the pathogenic species

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occlusion of the vessels of the great ganglia, and thus the func-

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allayed or removed by implantation of thyroid tissue, by injection of an

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a. In this type of colorimeter, exemplified by the Sahli hemo-

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development. The two countries which have suffered most from it in this

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blood-pressure was 170 mm. Hg. A urine examination failed

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Pneumonia occurs frequently enough in all different climates. Its occur-

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in whom the last injection produced an anaphylactic shock

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to touch the toes with the fingers without bending the knees. It not only strength-

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brief biographies of deceased members. A recess until three

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Blockierung der Reizleitung in den Tawara'schen Schenkeln. Zentralb.

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Cassell, London, 1920; reprinted by Hoeber, New York, 1921.

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and abandoned too precipitately. Although the anatomical dis-

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condition of the cells of the animal which receives the serum is of the

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(4) Allow to stand at room temperature for 10 to 30 minutes.

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thirteen girls, acute rheumatism is in the history of two ; in three

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volante ; Old Eng., Waterpox or Glasspox ; Scot., Crystalpox.

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and muttering or screaming that could be heard in the street.

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the case with Heckla lava and Silica. I was too anxious about

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the germ of disease in the atmosphere, or prevent contagion

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tive bacilli. For this purpose add to a 5-ml tube of blood

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density of water at that temperature. The coefficients of expansion of blood, plasma, and cop-

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came to hand. I caused a scruple of this to be infused in a

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After 4 weeks, kill the animal; examine gram-stained smears

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merits of medical schools and the legality of their diplomas would

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amusing that such a question should be asked, for have not our

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the organisms still remain capable of growing at the seat of inoculation,

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interference with the ciliospinal center in the lower cervical

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to exist in the expectoration, the mucous discharges, and the cutaneous

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iodine, solutions of nitrate of silver, of perchloride or persulphate of iron,

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buttermilk, farinaceous food, and light broths. Thirst is best relieved by

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ask our friends actively and energetically to assist us ; to form

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fact, then, that this patient has had no significant elevation of

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tions. In heart disease the vital capacity is of practical value

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or photoelectric cell to different parts of the spectrum, may also

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next, as the power of the drug to produce diuresis was what I

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tion there had been occasional pain in the right lower quadrant

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present which, although not perceptibly colored, significantly

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fore, can (a) partly exist in the serum, and (6) partly are poured into it as the

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were not likely to be offended by the presence of this pollen,

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hematocrit figures are accurate enough to be clinically