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from its founder, the Earl Marischal, in Arts. There were, to be
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was a largi' fissure running from the vertex downward and
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after meals have done wonders for this boy. I hand you a
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frequently somewhat enlarged. The large intestines occasionally show
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Dunbar's Hay Fever Serum, is effective only in ail-
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ing to this theory, have recently been studied with care
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of polypi, I find the observation " treated for piles"
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originate in it, or are derived elsewhere than from the cord. The
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al hemorrhage in some other situation, the arrest of purulent dis-
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denoting a renal complication. "Whether urasmic or otherwise, if they con-
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matter of preference. Good flavored cheeses, cheeses even of the
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sited a few oily casts, it could not be anticipated that a person
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the conclusion is logical that the mass of this projectile is
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and illustrates by cut, an aspirating trocar which he has devised.
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supply than have the walls of the alimentary canal. It
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the elevation of the brow, and the removal of skin hooding i
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" my mouse," says Priestley, " lived a full half-hour, and though it
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me a few days ago, and I found she had a tumor about the size of a
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injury from our study were comparable to other national publications.
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ditions in the internal organs (especially the marrow of the bones
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is about normal. It was always found to be acid, the specific
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that Mr. Moullin did not consider intestinal operations so difficult and
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kala-azar and perhaps other infections. It occurs especially in young
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Avtopgy. — Area of softening with atrophy, limited strictly to the posterior half
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the revenues of lands which had been given or bequeathed to it.
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ness, creeping and tingling in the parts of the body on which he lies,
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of right thigh and calf flaccid. Right leg much smaller than left. No difference
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councilor s- s hall - serve -s taggered - term s- of two years each.
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and strong, an anti-phlogistic course with counter-irritation
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until two or three weeks to come. The tubercles, if
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these conditions prevailed until, to use the language of
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rages from Memphis to Natchez, and thence to Natchitoches. One
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