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septal nerves seems to be definitely proved in a number of the
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because microscopical examination clearly showed that cells had
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limited area by irritation. Of these two modes, the former giA^es rise to
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the wet sheet is applied over the whole body, without any other covering,
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doubtless involved. Molecular changes or histological lesions probably
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is produced b^^ the action of cold. This is most marked on the face, and
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From the anatomical characters, independently of tliose obtained by means
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ism or tympanites, iliac tenderness and gurgling, especially the two
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scanty. It may be quite small, and suppression sometimes occurs. The
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such as small doses of morphia or some of the succedanea of opium, viz.,
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eight to ten drachms in the ap3'rexia, effects a cure in a certain proportion
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and reduced diet are hurtful. On the contrary, tonic remedies, a nutri-
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imal phalanx of the thumb, was intimately united to the corres-
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second case occurred in a patient under my own care in the
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we have not hesitated to mention every thing we disliked ; we
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when life has been placed in imminent danger. (Edema of the glottis is
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