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reliable method. He would leave the artificial anus open for

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he should do an early operation, for the reason that a long-

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measure to be carried out rarely, and only on urgent necessity."

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all vomiting ceased. During this day also a second crop of eruption

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of this accident rests upon the association of the symptoms to which it

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by the Sanitary Inspector, for treating everything which is

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several primary bundles of nerve-tubes in the same manner as

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ton Hotel ; American Physiological Society, parlor 181,

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the clavicle suffer. Finally, the part of the skin most affected over the

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In the illustrations of the different operations for ajDplying

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are studded with tubercles, from a pea to a small nut in

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constantly doing rifle-drill, and his left clavicle became so tender that

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intercourse. The last, according to tradition, influences the circulation of

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seen. The eye was blind, a little tender, and the tension below

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medicine, which is only to be obtained by personal observation

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3d (eighth day) : six umbilicated vesicles with reddened areola were found in

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exclude it. It is, therefore, all important not to rely on any one

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attention, though it is not present in every case. When it is

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mammary, or lachrymal glands ; of the semen, without impregnation of an

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gress is possible and can be made ; nay, more, to induce some,

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the representatives of the great warrior class, Kshatriyas, who,

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not be felt in any direction, but in the right inguinal

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for all external sores and ulcers, chancres or syphilitic sores,

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of the nervous system, so that mental delusion, weak-

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I have been in the habit of using the obstetric extractor for

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The meeting was devoted entirely to the consideration

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since in many patients in whom signs of hypertonus of the

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arteries, too, is often absent and at other times very difficult to

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to the effect of the fluid in promoting the healing of recent

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