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Elementary Algebra to the extent required in Besponsions. (For the

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development of some auto-toxin as a result of the shock or strain.

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ter for visual images of words in the angular gyrus. These three centers form

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payment of not more than £21 each. Any such student may, at

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cuted with a definite purpose. Since movements of this nature (nearly all

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Matriculation fee, 12s.; entrance fee, £1 128.; examination fee, £1;

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prominent in modifying the grave general disease. Of more importance

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investigations, the use of the microscope, the value of the thermometer,

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Internships are available, especially in Obstetrics, and applications for these intern-

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ward. When the trunk is bent forward it is difficult or impossible to regain

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fall. Many authors have laid considerable weight on diseases of the female

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537). As the attacks are not particularly severe and frequent in these cases,

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syphilis. In these cases the anatomical findings often leave us in the lurch,

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advanced Anatomy and Physiology; and those of the first year in

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Salopek, Joseph John, a, w, sp, San Francisco, Calif.

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The first is on Chemistry, Heat, Light, and Electricity; Materia

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enough tickets for one or more sessions on payment of the following

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also be seen during the attack or at the end of it. We do not know whether

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2. Methods of Cleaning and Sanitizing' Dairy Equip<nent:

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inflammations on the outer surface of the dura (pachymeningitis) in caries

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in multiple sclerosis. Nystagmus is usually absent. AVe have seen apoplecti-

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preceding. The subjects are : — (1) Translation from English into Latin prose..