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glasses, towels, etc., is also to be recalled. The contamination of food

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tions of ten-per-cent. zinc ointment. As a rule, pyrogallol or chrysa-

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Thin, mucoid or mucopurulent material from the nasopharynx.

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known, that in other diseases of the brain and spinal cord, besides Tetanus, the bowels

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seven calculi, holds that bacterial agglomerations do not form nuclei. In-

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to exemplify the disease, or that, after all, the Medical Department

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ever, of no use in the enteric form of intussusception. Inversion of

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usually central, but may appear in other regions, and are often freely mov-

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plateau airway pressure minus the level of positive end-

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1 believe the eventration was intra-uterine, because of the

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woman was able to talk nearly as well since the oper-

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uniform deterioration of the high-acid butter at the lower tempera-

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children in eleemosynary institutions. Aside from any such local events, or

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by them when analogous diseases attack or have already affected their

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trusion of the fragment, or by a direct external blow. For in both cases the

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Some patients may require one tablet every eight hours.

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tributed the interference with the healing process to the ab-

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peptone and 0.5 per cent sodium chloride in distilled water has a

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For a full account of intra-cranial tumors, as regards their classiflcap

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170. Cortical Part of a very Granular Kidney (after Jones and Sieveking), . 709

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rhages, as well as other diseases of those parts, may occasionally es-

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ophthalmoplegias, which have been fully described elsewhere (vol. vi. p.

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woman, as she watches the decline of the unfortunate invalid, hold-

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extend themseh'es with one stroke over a ^^'ide surface. But as really

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only one class under instruction and its faculty was inadequate,

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open the bronchi, I found the bean at the bifurcation

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In the lower animals perspiration may be copious, but sourness

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appears, and was clearly evident in one of Luciani's monkeys a whole

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that appendicitis has, since time was first measured by man, been

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Authors of articles intended for publication under the head of " original

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Pohlman, Erie County ; Two Cases of Large Retained Hernia, by

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ord, July 19th, p. 80, second column, it should read :

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to (1) certain cases of undescended testis, (2) some cases of con-

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Association occurred at Bethlehem, N. H., recently. Its

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Grainger Stewart, M. D., F. R. S. E., etc., etc. Second edition. New

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and capillaries undergoes a certain amount of fric-

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injection of morphia and atropia, and also the injection of 30 c.c.