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he had indicated. Even if an operation was afterward per-

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purulent secretion is formed, which may completely block many of the

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right side about the temple. After rousing from unconsciousness, would sleep

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and that is supported by the statements of French and American surgeons

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attended by any material harm, which is more than can be

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with a few cafes, in which the yellow colour conti-

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Indiana at its recent meeting. We are informed by one of the

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In accordance with the plan originally outlined, the cheese in these

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occurring tumors are to be found characteristically in certain

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IV. The fourth event constitutes the diastolic expansion or

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a recommendation to the Council of the Society to appoint a

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faeces and the discovery of bile-acids in the urine, and is to be distin-

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after death. 7. The abdominal discharges were always alkaline, but the vomits

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ment, it is important that all circumstances should

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Various observers have, however, been struck by the apparently

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made a similar statement to me. In Turban's sanatorium at

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desquamated. No bacilli are seen in the capillaries or in the larger

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ability on the part of the physician, together with

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President: Jones, Beverly N., Winston-Salem; Med. Coll. of Va.,

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isms is the atmosphere. In support of this opinion he asserts, that when a fluid

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crithidial form, since only exceptionally is n found actually

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the middle of the fiscal year indicated that, exclusive of sealed sources,

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tion, the skull was found fractured for an inch and a half over the seat of

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and universities and the great powers which were originally given to the universities of the

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of a Rural Practitioner, VV. H. Sharp, M.D., Volca-

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date (1849) of Professor Santesson's valuable treatise on the

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vein ; it will be found safe, efficacious, and very simple