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cases which he classes as failures, the position of the foreign bodies in a
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precautions as the laboratory of the bacteriologist.
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case on record, in which injuries to the mucous membrane, not involving the.
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the dissection an ordinary scalpel is used, while the
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lished weekly, under the direction of the Editors and an Advisory
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of Boston shows much to be desired; but it also shows
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of cold water, to which a drop or two of brandy has been added, may
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from the veins. The arteries are nearly passive in the circulation:
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it is not to be found, but the experiments of Metschnikoff have proved that
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I think, however, we can recognize one striking feature in the
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ten minutes at 60° C. Similarly, the power of resistance toward chemical
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mains an open question. Many discussions liave arisen
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mit suicide, yielding to the inlluence of suddenly de-
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escaped and the symptoms again improved. Progressive
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* Jour. Eoyal Army Med. Corps, 1907, vol. viii, p. 472.
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in the brain, of a uniform white texture, and possessing a considerable
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malaria by getting into the blood-corpuscle and destroy-
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rowest strips of cheese-cloth before they are applied to
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4. In stepping from any wheeled vehicle while in motion, let it be from the rear,
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monary tuberculosis, but in one case of lupus of the
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phere. After a still longer ])eriod, the clot is less deeplj' colored, and
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its use in this country, but in view of the discrepancy
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gained the mental nursing certificate, the more highly paid and
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present to be exerting a beneficial eflfect; we, therefore, retired
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well-known concomitant conditions, was sufficient reason
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with plain, ordinary tincture of iodin, sometimes one application
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the adult, who is tolerant of the loss of a much larger
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people, touch elbows with them while firing bulletins at them.
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tric circles, with here and there perhaps the ghost of a huge dropsical cell.
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occurs frequently (40% to 50%) and carries a mortality of
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Official Journal of the Arizona Medical Association, the California Medical Association, the Idaho Medical Association, the Nevada State Medical
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report barely able for duty the next morning, and to the sick