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for his studies had been well directed. His general reading had
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hearing, and touch. The various symptoms told by the patient must
Diagnosis is also simplified by resort to the serum diagnosis
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the body the larvae undergo more ecdyses, casting its skin once
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Mr. LouNT — In reply to Dr. McLaughlin, I am not prepared to go over the whole case,
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pect, with very little success. The tyro in electro-therapeutics
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To secure continued loyalty to a treatment extending over
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granulation tissue, is a matter of technic. Grafts slide easily when
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: We note with pleasure in the June 7th copy of "Puck" another cartoon
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fistula. Here autotoxin and the X-ray were used. Profiting by
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be devoted exclusively to the boys. Dr. W. S. Hall, Professor
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pathology is but a misunderstanding of our homoeopathic principles."
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activities. All constructive work, and there has been much, has been done
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Council after the said election shall have taken place.
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the A. M. A. was in Pittsburgh at the present moment and de-
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Medical Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
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lated cases only is there any semblance of a systematic medication and yet with
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past, we are living in the present. We are not here to mourn; we
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system is to the Commonwealth. The streets and sidewalks,
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in relieving the patient, in conference with Dr. Watters it was de-
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shove the matter oflF to the next session. The American use of " the previous question " is,
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able parasite of soiciety, the "lost-manhood" quack, and spending
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and that its tone is essentially hopeful and constructive ; more-
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because of the recently acquired intemperate habits of her son (delusion).
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Although in a paper of this scope one can hope to do no more
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hands of the Registrar, and there is no difiiculty whatever in its collection, or there is
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In the latter case the inner line closely encircles the well denned
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order on account of structural peculiarities, or it may be purely
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solution of cocaine injected thoroughly into the skin and along the
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up these gaps as soon as the means can be found to do so.
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of hay fever. From this he made a serum which he called "Pollan-
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WANTED — A Medical Missionary (woman). Wanted, a young woman
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mation, and many men would not observe it. Really it is a fact
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Analysis of Clinical Abstracts of Non-plaque Cases zvith Reference
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It is now the time for us to begin to make new observations which distin-
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that their school will be ultimately submerged by the dominant
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Mr. Curry — My learned friend has been long enough practising law to know he could
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has necessitated the holding of elections in these divisions. Death has claimed two of the
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Although the ocular lesions of toxaemia have not been dif-
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gossa of traditional uncertainty and of inheritances possessed of
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was not obeying the rules of the institution. He was always in doubt as to the Munyon's
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derline cases as in the opinion of the staff seem suitable may
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doctor can at last point with justifiable pride to several diseases