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defective sex development. Precocious sex development is found in
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the surface. It is also more virulent, one or two drops of the
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the same as advised in my book on " Surgical Technic,"
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On turning over the left-hand flap, b, of pocket-case, it
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age. She measured 2 feet 6 in. in height. Her body was thick ; her limbs
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in cases that otherwise could not have been brought to a suc-
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Iodide of Ethyl in Asthma. — Professor See has employed
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(1) Vaccination ia the only means of preventing small-pox.
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lies deeply in the neck and bears an intimate relation
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to Buhl, the alveoli not containing a mucous membrane can not un-
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that the severity of the case and the consequent pi
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" For example : A patient desires to go to a strange
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spoke of erosion of diagnostic function via handbooks;
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where fever co-exists, as accurate observations on the temperature
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either case supposed to resist the suggestion once and so scores
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of enlarged metatarso-pbalaugeal joints. Brit. M. J.,
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plane, fiUing up the latter to the greatest extent, even after the
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take place in Cincinnati in 1865. Between the victorious Unionists
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On the basis of the essential lesions found at operation, I have
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the third nerve is probably never seen in hysteria, although it is sometimes
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John Clay's suggestion of dividing the pedicle of an ovarian tumor by
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confirm the view that comma-bacilli are to be found in
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years of age, housewife, a native of Germany, had had a
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criminal investigations, that a practitioner should make notes of what he ob-
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Dr. Brown-S6quard's speech was listened to with the
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F.R.C.P., Assist. Phys. University College Hosp., &c., &c.
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oughly anaesthetizing a part depends of course on the
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liver, the condition may simulate an echinococcus or ovarian cyst or
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Distinguished Medical Men. — In the past month. Smallpox has been gradually
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depends upon an increased rapidity of the current is certainly the most
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of the fact that you may carry home with you the conviction
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Fuaria conjunctivse Addario, 1885, is a filiform, 5.5 to 16 cm. long,
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mitted in the afternoon. Scarlatina exanthem on the face, anteriorly