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organization, and served it to the best of his ability,

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During the strict dietary course the patient had better lead a quiet

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surplus nitrogen after a normal fashion. But, if this ratio be dis-

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in the size of the organ are assisted not only by the changes in the total mass

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with his hands he rolls himself together and rises with difficulty, sup-

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of uric acid in the blood, and that its efficiency is maintained by the

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sulphuretted hydrogen, also occur, such as the Utah and Calistoga

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colon terminates in the portion known as the rectum, and owing to a

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that their presence always affords evidence of a gouty tendencj^,

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ease nor do they augment the therapeutic resources against it.

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grew to such proportions as to threaten it with dis-

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Chez le PSre et la Fille. Revue Medicale de Paris, 1889, p. 48.

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in one or the other part of the body. This pain may be of such inten-

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and turn after a minute. Let it simply heat through, then press the

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Instead of the florid, more congested face of the corpulent with

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of the skin. The cause of this disease is unknown, but when it

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by almost continual convulsive movements ; and the upper extremities

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and dyspepsia, which diminish the nutritive elements contained in

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three attacks of moderate severity, since the last of which she had

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Appropriate nourishment is essential. After a time the patient cares

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the body during the febrile paroxysm. But if the patient has been

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in the hereditary disposition. In the constitution it is mainly the re-

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tv.o disorders. All that has been noted regarding the affiliation of

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luxuriously fed. Acute attacks are more common in early life.

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lasts till the mouth of the womb is fully extended, so as to permit the

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it is only a glutting of the organism with carbohydrates that we

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exercise. It is perhaps needless to say that ball playing, boat racing

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inasmuch as about fifty per cent, of the income of advertising doc-

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sumed in the food and drink can no longer be comi)letely expelled even

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teristic manner a type of numerous nutritive disturbances in diabetes,


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inner ear is to be found in the results of chronic inflammation and

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a. If the hereditary obesity shows itself in the family in the pleth-

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other than the proteid fractions and their direct derivatives are taken in

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" clinical instruction in the New York Hospital," no

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can be borne upon the injured part, neither can its own weight be

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tlie gangrene appears to occnr si)ontaueonsly. In general it may be

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thus originated, nutrition is further impaired. Even in mild cases,

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president of the College of Physicians and Surgeons;