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sible identification of a specific causative agency,

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1. Glutamic acid participates specifically in the nutrition of

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cough almost uniformly follows. It is important that the operator be

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chiirtered or municipal hospital, containing a hundred patients

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claimants, without impairing the right of free choice

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professor of medicine and director of the cardiovascu-

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formation to the worker is the expression I would rather

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officer for industries available. Contact Mr. Halse3^

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culosis and Health Association, Forest Hills, September 21,

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chronically disabled individual has need for a “father

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deaths on all oases treated of 1 4-5 per cent, and on all dis-

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1. Dahl-Iversen, E., cited in McDonald, J. J. Sr., and

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the tufted floor,” or even when the sounds of air-

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i matic and continuous, thus eliminating the possibil-

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an inch more. About an ounce more of coagulam was squeezed out, and

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Jerome R. Head, M. D., Medical Director; Alberto L. de Guevara, M. D., Asso. Medical Director

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9. Fong, T. C. C.; J. Am. Geriatrics Soc. 1 : 662 (Sept.)