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above all, by the administration of such remedies as cod-liver oil, malt,

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for a sufficient length of time ; the weight of the body or extremities, the

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on witnessing an action suggestive of a dive, they would plunge into a

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returned to the breeding cage. The young are fed the same as the

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are met with in such patients. After the convulsions or coma of late

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cian proved so equal to the occasion that he soon made the

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the lawyer the mental symptoms are of the essence of a case ; but the

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much more brief and rapid. The bleeding points are also absent.

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insanity are undoubtedly curable, and it seems reasonable to suppose

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(b) Draw alcohol through the pipette by suction, to remove

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cocci, or the organism of tubercle. The ulceration found under the nails

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E. M. sees different colours, but when blue appears it is always associated

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fied as belonging to group 0, as proved by complete tests on cells

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evolution of personality. (a) Paraphrenia mitis. Disharmonies of

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time, leaving rounded scars conforming to the shape of the ulcer. The cases

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they were precious stones. They are confounded to a cer-

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voluntary movement, the slight movement of muscles, without changing

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had dwindled to two black boys in green coats with red

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of the operator. Warts and lichen planus may also arise from tattoo

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on the proper selection of treatment the satisfactory management of these

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distinguish it from hysteria. Much less easy is the distinction from those

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they may occur at any age. Quite recently I sat by the bedside of a

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branching mycelium, the whole forming a sheath round the hair. The

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a repeated grimace, and may to some extent be increased by any

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altogether inappropriate to the great surgeon, who was by no

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On the other hand, the more quiet the patient the less the liability to

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•describes this as Twpfelpsoriads, Besnier as itatpointilU. The former observer

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spinal accessory nerve. I particularly desire, however, to mention that

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always a distinct pause before he began to reply. A short time before

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pharynx, and a well-developed alimentary canal, besides rudimentary

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has penetrated deeply, a rapid cure may be effected. No fatty sub-

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than one in five of the population. About the middle of