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heavier than air, as chlorine, or carbonic acid, the bottle must

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of cholesterine. Lehmann seems to consider the tablets of this substance as

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about December 22, when the sun is vertical over the Tropic of Capri-

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culty in making the diagnosis. There are cases, however, that are very

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We will not delay longer over the prolegomena of the lec-

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consequences in this way. A man was carrying coals on his back down

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leukocytes and degenerated epithelial cells. The cells of the deeper

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eyes, and inspection of the interior of the nose will reveal an absence of the

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long before that of Professor Gordon. The cross-bar is to support

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our readers such a critical review of the entire series as

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water seems paradoxical; but it is, I think, the better way, and is

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three heads: (a) the dietetic treatment; (h) the mechanical manage-

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and for full duty with the heels of the shoes raised

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•outwards (Verduin), by transfixing the soft parts at the base of the

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The areas most usually affected are the Atlantic coasts of North

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something to do with it. Plato regarded recorded remedy for the relief of madness,

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"metabolizable energy," as expressed by Armsby. The quantities which

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III. — Birth of a Child without Limhs. By L. Millspatt gh,

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be ascribed to any condition of the conducting apparatus

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and, as an enema, incorporated with starch. As a stimulant and tonic, Dr. G.

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extending from the crest of the ilium to four inches beyond the

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Vaughn, who was an assistant surgeon to the New York

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induced; the majority of the animals recover under proper

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ment more dependent on the diet than it is in scurvy.

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the actual truth than the present set of ideas as to its