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similar experiments. Unless the organ be thoroughly dried, the process
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eighth or one-sixteenth of a grain of antimony every two hours. Frequently
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junctival (eye) test, prove that a great many adults
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of M. Bataille, that fogs are not very uncommon in the mornings of
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was dotted with innumerable bloody points. Very large quantities of blood
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have been able to unveil this side of English life, they have also
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the disease. In a large proportion of cases, we find there is a tendency to
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less oppression and rapid breathing. After a few days the
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" Four ounces of iron filings, or, what I think would be better, iron wire, are
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infection called chancroid, venereal ulcers, which, when
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and shoulders, the child was quickly expelled. It gave no signs of life, and
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from tubercular phthisis seems to vary in different latitudes, and
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in the kitchen. The age at which most cases occurred was from
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of the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs, and poetry-writing member of
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part has occurred where the spleen was already extruded
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by Dr. Russell^ * Brit. Med. Journal/ Sept. 8, 1866.
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8. That sometimes it comes and goes for years without markedly
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in patches — ^it however floated in water. No tubercular deposit
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The right thoracic cavity contained nearly three quarts of bloody looking serum,
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mary into the axillary vein, and from that into the superior cava; whilst the
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three winter months give but 257 millimetres. The only wind
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threatens to be excessive and to enfeeble the patient, and in the passive form, to
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the same as arteries elsewhere. When markedly diseased
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naked chest fore and aft. Even if he has the time, what's
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The next point examined is the fecundity of women at different
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carbonate of ammonia. But the combination which seemed to us especially
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of clear serum at the base of the brain. A yellow fibrinous clot
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On Colchicia. By John M. Maisch. ' American Journal of Pharmacy
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of the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal; and intestinal hemorrhage,
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on the shoulder lost his speech for six weeks. Speech returned afterwards for a
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that he had not extended his experiments to antimony also, and these we
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larged tonsils are, like "colds," a penalty of indoor life,
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Careful examination has convinced him that the contractile
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times he goes to the extreme of advertising that "drops
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to subside, it is collected in a small porcelain capsule, with a little water,
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the eye in health and disease. Now it is a comparatively easy
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well-marked case of the kind, recently examined at Berlin, in
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chexia of drunkards. The hepatic affections were of a chronic character; apo-
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which intemperance exerts upon population, he gives the following statement —
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God to avenge a fancied wrong. Monomaniacs are often
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double valvular bruit at the base of the heart having existed and having
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presence of the abdominal parietes and diaphragm was maintained,
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Case H. Niel Clausen, setat. 30, native of Denmark, seaman, was ad-
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table, with which he has furnished us, exhibits the number of admissions during
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the like; sterotypy, the constant repetition of words or '
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